Tree Trimming...

Encourage Your Trees to Flourish

Tree Trimming

  • enhances the shape and appearance of your trees.

  • opens the canopy to more sunlight, encouraging new growth.

  • corrects interference with surrounding obstacles.

  • eliminates the danger of weak, heavy, overhanging limbs.

  • minimizes winter weather damage (ice, wind, snow, storms).

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Trim or Remove?

Our experienced arborists will remove limbs and branches at the ideal location, for maximum healing. The following video shows how precision also protects targets below.

Utility Lines

Utility companies only service trees in the lines from pole to pole (usually alleys and streets). Trees threatening the backyard lines (pole to home) - called a service drop - are the property owner's responsibility. Utility companies will advise you to consult a tree trimming service for these lines.


Deadwooding removes dead or dying limbs and branches. When left to nature, dead limbs can fall unexpectedly, causing needless damage. Prevent injury to your home, children and pets by managing dead limbs before they fall.

Deadwooding also improves the health and appearance of your trees while discouraging pests and disease.


Topping makes a tree more hazardous in the longrun. Removing the canopy can starve your tree, and the large wounds produced by topping may invite disease or insects. The new shoots produced by topping are prone to breaking, especially in windy conditions.

Topping is actually a waste of time and money, since new shoots grow out quickly, making the tree just as big, or bigger, than its previous size!

Tree Climbing Spikes

Tree climbing spikes injure trees, inviting disease or insects. Spikes should only be used on trees that are being removed.

When tree trimming is not enough, removal may be the answer.

Cleanup - Leave it to Us.

Don’t worry about cleanup. We rake and carry away cuttings so you don’t have to. If you want firewood, or have any special requests, please let us know ahead of time.