Stump Removal

Free Up Space and Beautify Your Yard

Stump removal can enhance the beauty of your landscape and free up space.

Some people enjoy stumps for one reason or another – hollow stumps make great flowerbeds. But on the other hand, stumps can be an unsightly inconvenience, harboring pests and disease.

chipmunk in a tree stump
Stump Removal 6 to 12 inches below ground is a good idea – especially when that space could be better used for other trees or landscaping. (Before you replant, click on the previous sentence to view our guide on "Trees Prone to Breakage.")

Typically, stump grindings are left on-site and make good mulch. However, since we do occasionally have a request to remove the chips and fill in the hole with dirt, we do provide these as separate services.

Depending on your landscaping plans, you may want to move the grindings to another location to age because fresh chips may not be well suited for new plantings. After a few months, your chips should be aged enough to use as mulch.

Meantime, it’s a good idea to fill in the hole with good topsoil in preparation for grass or other plants.