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Tree Trimming in St. Louis area, complete tree services
Tree Trimming enhances the appearance of your trees; encourages new growth; corrects interference with surrounding obstacles; eliminates the danger of weak, heavy, overhanging limbs.
tree removal in the St. Louis area, tree service
Tree Removal. Dead, dying, defective or dangerously large trees pose a hazard to people or property. Our arborists safely remove large trees, leaving as little trace as possible.
Tree Talk ... or FAQs about Tree Services
Tree Talk is an FAQ page offered by River City Tree Service of St. Louis
Tree Service Rates and Ways to SAVE on Tree Services
Tree service rates explained and 5 ways you can save money on tree services.
Winterize Your Trees by trimming and deadwooding
Winterize by trimming and deadwooding trees so they can make it safely through the winter. It's a preventative measure to protect trees and surrounding property.
Emergency Tree Services, St. Louis MO area
Emergency tree services in St. Louis, MO. Dangerous trees, storm damage, lightening, hanging limbs, trees on buildings, power lines, streets and driveways. We handle dangerous situations safely and c
Six Common Tree Hazards, St. Louis area, tree service
Beware of these six common tree hazards: utility lines, forked trunks, rotten trunks and limbs, disturbed ground near construction sites, broken limbs, trees blocking waterways
Stump removal in the St. Louis, area, tree service
Stump removal 6 to 12 inches below ground. Enhance the beauty of your landscape and free up yard space by removing unsightly stumps. Stumps can harbor insects and disease.
Cabling, Support for your trees, St. Louis area
Cabling or bracing weak tree trunks. Consult a certified arborist. Improper cabling can do more harm than good. Not all trees are candidates if safety is the issue.
Disease control for your trees, St. Louis area
Disease Control. Residential environments can weaken trees and make them vulnerable to disease. A certified arborist should make an on-site evaluation to determine proper treatment.
Insect Control for your Trees, St. Louis area
Insect control for CHEWING, SUCKING, BORING insects. Bugs can carry disease from tree to tree. A certified arborist can determine the best treatment.
Fertilizing trees in the St. Louis area
Why is fertilizing necessary? Trees in their natural habitat get plenty of nutrients, but in urban settings that’s not always the case. A malnourished tree is vulnerable to disease, decay and insect i
River Services, St. Louis MO area tree service
River services include clearing trees that block river and stream channels, clearing logjams, removing dangerous limbs, clearing banks and channels after floods, and general river/stream/creek cleanup
About Us, River City Tree Service, St. Louis
About us. It's All About the Adventure! St. Louis is our home town and you can usually find us outdoors…never far from trees. We even discovered the need for river tree services.
Our Philosophy on Tree Services
Our Philosophy on Tree Service, River City Tree Service - St Louis
Contact Page for FREE Tree Service Estimates in St. Louis area
Contact Page for FREE Tree Service Estimates in St. Louis area
Trees in wires
Trees in wires can cause power outages, inconvenience and hazards to people and property.
Insurance for River City Tree Service